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Lawmax Merchant Services takes pride in providing expert guidance to their clientele in turning their businesses by leveraging decades of experience for positive results.

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K. Srinivas
(Founder of Saffron Capital Advisors Private Limited)
Over 35 years of experience in Merchant Banking services FCA, CMA

Kamall Ahuja
(Founder of Lawmax Merchant Services Private Limited)
Over 22 years of experience services
FCS, LL.B, B.Com (H), IP

Amit Wagle
Over 12 years of experience in Equity Capital Markets
LL.B, Master in Management Studies

Akanksha Chaudhary
Over 7 years in handling the core secretarial and listing compliances.
LL.B, M.Com, ACS, (H)

Lawmax Merchant Services Private Limited (LMSPL) was established in 2013 in New Delhi and currently has a team of 33 multi-disciplinary professionals, conversant and specialized in diverse spheres of laws with an overall work experience of more than 19 years. We have served approx. 50+ clients successfully. We have our branches located at Mumbai, Pune and have our roots in various places across North India.


LMSPL provides innovative solutions to clients involved in complex regulatory situations, allowing them to enhance value, minimize costs and properly position themselves for the future.

Business may face high employee turnover when there is more profitable competitor who is providing higher salary than yours’. In this situation the Business should think about the most valuable asset i.e. the employees of the Company and to retain them in the Company which will add more value to the Company in near future.

In this competitive era, every employee wants to get the remuneration as per their strength, knowledge and the market standards. This notion elicits the importance of providing competitive remuneration/ salary to the employee which also provides them with the job security and better future prospects.

If Companies doesn’t take any alacrity in their action then it can cause ebbing of Financial Status of the Company. In this diffident situation adopting of Employee Share Base Plan (ESOP) for its employees can be a talismanic approach to provide the business a stable situation. 


  1. Lack of motivation among the employees?
  2. Facing difficulties to retain the talented employees?
  3. Lower employee morale and high employee turnover in your company?
  4. Conflict between you and your employee for salary hikes?
  5. Company has a requirement of additional capital to refinance its outstanding debt or to acquire assets?
  6. Whether your employees’ lacks proper retirement plans/future plans which leave them in a dilemma to continue in the organization?

 We at LMSPL pride ourselves for mounting practical and efficient approaches to address a variety of unique challenges faced by clients, as emphasized below-

1) High Employee Turnover

In a Company generally the employees who are working very hard to achieve the desired organizational goals also have their expectations from the Company in the form of getting recognition in their work with monetary benefits. However, whenever there is a constraint on the profits of the Company, it becomes difficult for the company to award the employees.

In this situation, ESOP scheme can have a positive impact on the company as it may offer monetary benefits to the employees and it can also help the Company to raise additional capital.      

2) Lacking of confidence about Job Security and Future Prospects

Low self-confidence among the employees often leads them to haywire about their Job Security and better future prospects. This can also result in increasing conflicts between the management and its employees. ESOP Scheme can help those employees to provide them with better future prospects.

3) Unsteady Business Environment

In today’s highly competitive environment many companies face the same problem of high employee turnover, as the no. of opportunities for employees are increasing day by day which provides them better options. This leads the Company in a difficult situation to retain the talented employees and stabilize their business environment. ESOP Scheme can help the company to stabilize their business environment by helping the Companies to retain its employees. 

4) Diminishing of Financial Position

High employee turnover and low self-confidence among the employees leads to lower productivity which ultimately leads to lower revenue of the Company which diminish its financial position in the market.

5) Necessity of Additional Capital

To run the business of the Company, it requires certain capital for smooth functioning. To eradicate this problem of additional capital requirement the Company can issue fresh shares to its employees under ESOP Scheme and raise an additional Capital.

We, LMSPL provide business solutions which are innovative for the business of the Company. We provide advice and recommendations that are in the client’s best interest. We strive to understand the client’s problem by entering into his shoes and offer solutions which have far reaching impact. We are driven by knowledge, the most powerful resource that our Group of talented professionals possess.

Our team with a right blend of legal and financial skills coupled with continuous focus on research and effective use of Information Technology delivers greater value to the clients with its innovative products and services.

LMSPL Approach-

  • Collecting of information (For better understanding the situation of Client);
  • Analyze the given situation;
  • Prepare the action plan with a roadmap;
  • Collecting the necessary documents;
  • Drafting of Documents, wherever required;
  • Sending draft document for approval of client;
  • Making suggestive changes/corrections, if required;
  • Sending approved documents to client for signing;
  • Filing of Final documents with the authorities;
  • Regular Follow-ups for approval from the authorities (if required).

Quick recap, the benefits of ESOP Scheme are:

  • Better Source of Finance
  • Retainment of talented employees
  • Improvement in the future prospects for the employees and the Company
  • Renewed motivation and morale

“We serve our clients as a single-point full-service solution.”