Exit/Listing of Co.s placed on Dissemination Board

The Regional Stock Exchanges of India like Delhi Stock Exchange, Ahmedabad Stock Exchange, Lucknow Stock Exchange etc. were de-recognized by SEBI in the year 2008.

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) vide circular no. CIR/ MRD/ DSA/ 14/ 2012 dated May 30, 2012 has thereafter provided an exit option to the de-recognized stock exchanges and recognized stock exchanges seeking voluntary surrender of recognition (“exiting RSEs”).

The companies whose securities were listed on these de-recognized stock exchanges were placed on the dissemination board of National Stock Exchange or Bombay Stock Exchange.

SEBI has provided an option to the Companies (Exclusively Listed Companies) placed on the Dissemination Board of either NSE or BSE to get either listed on Recognized stock exchange or to provide an exit offer to their public shareholders.

Various Companies have provided their intent either for listing or for exit to the Stock Exchanges on whose dissemination Board the company is placed. The Companies have to comply with the given intent within a specified time.

We have made many Companies, see the light of the day, by getting listed at Nationwide Exchanges and assisting them to derive value for all their stakeholders and also assist them in their exit process. We assist the Companies in analyzing their listing potential and discussing with the Managements the intrinsic benefits of listing.

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