Giving employees a stake in the company is the best way to motivate them to work hard and contribute to its success. When employees feel like they are part of the company’s journey, they are more likely to be invested in its success. This leads to higher productivity and better results for the company. This is now more essential for the CEO, CFO, Promoters and the Directors than ever: that the interests of a company’s employees are aligned with those of its shareholders. This is because only then can employees be a part of the company’s growth journey.
Do you know?
 The disclosure of sensitive financial statements to employee owners isn’t mandatory.
 Employee ownership can be a valuable tool in succession planning.
 The employee-owned companies are also overseen by the board of directors.
 You can also lend the employee ownership with a negotiable personal guarantee as per your requirements.
There are various ways in which this can be achieved. For example, a company can offer its employees shares in the company at a discounted rate. This will not only align their interests with those of the shareholders but also give them a financial stake in the company’s success. This will be ensuring employees that they have vested interest in the company’s success and so are motivated to contribute to its growth.
Considering employees a stake in the company will surely make them feel valued and motivated, and hence it will help your company achieve its goals commonly.
Wash out the myth that leveraged employee ownership puts a lot of debt on the company because owners are the ones who care the most and work the hardest.
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